Wood Finish over MDF, Yes?

Wood Finish over MDF, Yes?

"This Stuff is like Liquid Gold!" - Courtney Krick

MDF Table Transformation

Courtney was amazed the first time she used Retique It!

In this short video, Courtney shares how she transforms this old MDF table by giving it a whole new wood finish with Retique It's new Black Walnut Tabletop Kit.

Retique it kits come with everything you need to transform almost any surface into a brand new wood surface.

Remember, Retique It Wood'n Primer and Wood'n Stain contain over 60% recycled wood fibers. So it's sustainable, waterbased and ecofriendly.




Wood Finish Kit


Wood Finish Kit


Wood Finish Kit

Special thanks to

Courtney Krick (@pnwrefurbished) on Instagram