Introducing the New "Sun Bleached" Beyond Faux Wood Finish Kit

Introducing the New "Sun Bleached" Beyond Faux Wood Finish Kit

Hey friends! 

I'm so excited to share our brand-new color in the Beyond Faux Wood Finish Kit lineup—say hello to "Sun Bleached!" This shade brings all the beachy, sun-kissed vibes into your home, perfect for giving any piece of furniture a fresh, airy feel. Let me walk you through my latest project where I transformed a round black table (with a hidden leaf that makes it oval!) using our Sun Bleached Wood Shade kit.


Project Overview

For this fun DIY, I used our Retique It Grained Finish Kit in the Sun Bleached Wood Shade. Here’s what’s in the kit (depending on your project size):

Bleached Wood'n Primer
Pickled Oak Wood'n Stain
White Wash Gel Stain Alternative
Graining Tools (large and small)
Tripletique Topcoat (optional; I went with the Satin finish)

Step-by-Step Transformation


Cleaning and Preparing the Surface

The most important step is cleaning. Start by wiping down the table with Krud Kutter to remove any grease or grime. Lightly scuff sand the surface to give it some grip, then wash with Dawn Dish Soap and warm water to rinse off any residue, making it squeaky clean.


 The table after being cleaned and prepped. It’s ready for the transformation!

Applying the Bleached Wood'n Primer

First things first, I applied two coats of the Bleached Wood'n Primer. This sets the stage for the gorgeous Sun Bleached look. Our patented Liquid Wood coatings, like the Wood'n Primer, contain over 60% recycled wood fibers, making them both stainable and sustainable.

The table after the first coat of primer. Look at that coverage!

Adding the Pickled Oak Wood'n Stain

Once the primer is dry, apply the Pickled Oak Wood'n Stain in plank-sized sections. Immediately use the graining tools to create the wood grain effect while the stain is still wet.

The table showing the freshly applied stain and graining tool in action.


The table after the stain has dried, showcasing the wood grain effect.

Applying the White Wash Gel Stain Alternative

After the stain is dry, brush on the White Wash Gel Stain Alternative. Use long strokes in the direction of the grain until the bubbles disappear.


Applying the White Wash Gel Stain with the brush.


 The table after the White Wash application,
highlighting the sun-bleached effect.

Sealing with Tripletique Topcoat

The final step is to apply the Tripletique Topcoat. You can choose to apply 1 to 3 coats depending on the level of protection you desire. I opted for the Satin finish for a subtle sheen.

 The table during the topcoat application.


The finished table, beautifully transformed with the Sun Bleached look.

Mid-Project Surprise

Halfway through the project, I found the table leaf, which allowed me to extend the table from round to oval. I applied the same steps to the leaf, ensuring it matched perfectly with the rest of the table.

The round table with the leaf found mid-project.


The oval table fully assembled and completed.


The Sun Bleached Beyond Faux Wood Finish Kit has completely transformed my table, giving it a fresh, beachy vibe that's perfect for summer. Whether you're updating a dining table, coffee table, or any other piece of furniture, this kit makes it easy to achieve a stunning wood grain finish with a light, sun-bleached look

A final styled photo of the completed table in its new setting,
showcasing the transformation.

We can't wait to see what you create with our new Sun Bleached kit! Be sure to share your projects with us on social media using #RetiqueItSunBleached.

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