Gel Stain - Ruby Red
Gel Stain - Ruby Red
Gel Stain - Ruby Red
Gel Stain - Ruby Red
Gel Stain - Ruby Red
Gel Stain - Ruby Red - Retique It®
Gel Stain - Ruby Red - Retique It®

Retique It®

Gel Stain - Ruby Red

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Canary Yellow
Weathered Wd
Old Oak
Dark Cherry
Ruby Red


Retique It® Gel Stain & Glaze

Waterbased Formula for Interior/Exterior

Bring out the beauty of natural wood—lightning fast—with Retique It® Interior / Exterior Water-based Gel Stain. This high-performance stain features nano pigments, which intensify color clarity and highlight wood grain, delivering the perfect shade in just one coat.

  • [VERSATILE HYBRID TECHNOLOGY] New nano technology makes this the most Versatile gel stain & glaze on the market
  • [GEL STAIN] - This thin gel stain rides over an existing finish just like a typical gel stain
  • [WOOD STAIN] - Thin enough to absorb into unfinished wood like a traditional wood stain
  • [PAINT GLAZE] - Works just like a traditional paint glaze when applied over a painted finish
  • [NON-TOXIC] - Water-based, non-toxic, hypoallergenic. It even smells like water
  • [LAYER IT] - Get a darker color on each layer you apply or layer colors to get a more artistic look
  • [EASY TO APPLY] - You can paint it on with a brush or staining applicator. Easy clean-up, just use soap and water
  • [FAST DRYING] - Complete your projects up to 3 times faster. Dries in less than an hour or, if using a hair dryer or heating device, it can be dried in a few minutes.
  • [INTERIOR / EXTERIOR] - Up to 300 square feet per quart coverage for interior and exterior applications
  • [USES] - Great for furniture, trim, floors, garage doors, front doors, etc

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